International Adventure Travel

International adventure travel: Safaris, balloon tours, swimming with dolphins, bicycling down volcanos, trekking in the Himalayas, Walmart on Christmas Eve – the list is almost endless. This will not be a comprehensive listing of all the adventure opportunities out there. Instead, here is just enough to whet your appetite. My Own International Adventure Travel Long before hitchhiking across the country at sixteen-years-old, I had a taste for adventure. At fourteen, a friend and I bicycled 300 miles in a few days during one summer. At seventeen, I went international with my adventuring, hitchhiking from Michigan to half-way across Mexico. Over forty now, I no longer put out my thumb – not very often, anyhow – but I still love to travel. More recently, my international adventure travel took me to Ecuador. While there I climbed to the furthest point from the center of the Earth. Everest is highest above sea level, but due to the Earth’s bulge at the equator, the peak of Mount Chimborazo, at 20,600 feet, is farther from from the center of our planet. The top is all snow, ice, and glaciers. My guide didn’t speak English, and thought I was a mountaineer. I had once used an ice axe and crampons to go forty feet up a sledding hill, in Michigan. The rest of the story is on the website, but you can get information and a guide by talking to almost any hotel manager in Riobamba, Ecuador. Go On A Jungle Book Safari In southern Nepal, In the Royal Chitwan National Park, you can see tigers, leopards, rhinos, and sloth-bears. And where better to see them from than the back of a large elephant? The tours are lead by naturalists and park rangers. Stay in the comfortable Safari Lodge and take daily tours into the jungle. Take A Mongolian Horseback Trek Travel with one of the great nomadic and horse-based cultures of the world. The trips take you beyond tourist routes, and you can customize your trek to fit your schedule and budget. These tours are run from an office in Mongolia, and they provides experienced guides that are multi-lingual. Go Rock Climbing In Rio Want an outdoor adventure and city nightlife? Try a rock climbing tour in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You’ll find routes for all skill levels in the Sugar Loaf, Urca, Corcovado and Pedra da Gavea mountains. Tours include bilingual instructors, equipment rentals, and transportation, and start at under $100 per person. Swim With Dolphins In The Croatian Sea Escape from the cold this winter, to the Cres-Lošinj group of islands, which is known for it’s mild climate. Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj is known for its health resort, but recently, the area is becoming famous for the bottle-nosed dolphins that have made their homes in the clear and clean waters of the Cres-Lošinj group of islands. Mingle with them by boat or in your swimsuit. Climb Mount Kinabalu Mt. Kinabalu (4101m) is the king of the Borneo sub-continent. It rises 3000 feet higher than other mountains in the area; far above the jungle. It attracts international climbers of all skill levels, who scramble, climb and trek in its unique jungle-alpine enviroment. Kinabalu is in a world heritage site that boasts a wide variety of plants and animals. Experienced guides will take you trekking, or take you to the top.

Top Adventure Travel Jobs

There are many different kinds of adventure travel jobs out there and finding the right one is easy. Adventure travel in general has really caught on so finding adventure travel jobs is no where near as hard as it used to be and there is such a demand for talented and fun people to help guide people on their trips. No matter where you live in the world there are probably some fantastic adventure travel jobs in your area. That does not mean that you have to stay put though, by all means travel the world and enjoy the adventure travel jobs that can be found elsewhere. Some of the top adventure travel jobs can be found where there are horses. Everyone loves horses but they can be a little frightening, especially if you have not been on them before. Once you get up o the horse you realize just how tall they really are, it is high up there! There are all kinds of adventure travel jobs that include working on a working ranch. You will get to take people out trekking through the mountains, the plains and maybe even the desert, depending on where your adventure travel job is. This is a great way to get back to nature and commune with some fabulous animals and people all at the same time. There are also many different adventure travel jobs that include real honest to goodness wilderness. Some of the finest and most exciting of all adventure travel jobs include going camping, real roughing it. That kind of thing may not be for me but it is certainly a favorite type of adventure travel for many. Some people even like to go so far as to catch their own food each day, that is real adventure for you, building your own shelter and finding water and such. This is another great idea for you to check into when looking for fantastic adventure travel jobs. One of the most famous kinds of adventure travel jobs are mountain climbing ones. How many people love to go rock and mountain climbing? Millions and all of them had to start somewhere and that somewhere usually included a teacher or a guide of some sort, well you can become that teacher. There are all kinds of great adventure travel jobs in this area of expertise. If you love to climb then perhaps this is for you, you may not end up leading expeditions up Everest but who knows, if you are good enough and you work up enough experience in your adventure travel jobs you just might after all. There is no limit to the adventure travel jobs that you can work at if you put your heart and soul into it. As long as you are fun to be around and you know what you are doing, you will never be short of adventure travel jobs to choose from. Just make sure to get some great references from every one of the adventure travel jobs that you work at.

Adventure Travel In Nepal

With its majestic Himalayan Mountains and fascinating local culture, Nepal is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers. Each year thousands embark upon the experience of a lifetime to spend days or weeks in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Nepal. Most adventure travelers in Nepal will be treated to magnificent views from high in the mountains. They will wander through pure forests and past clear mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls. They’ll visit remote Buddhist monasteries and shrines and see tiny mountain villages, full of friendly locals. Trekking expeditions in Nepal are quite popular. They typically involve a small group of people who have been given a list of equipment, such as hiking boots, to bring with them to Nepal. Once they arrive in the country they set off together to explore. There is usually a trekking staff that comes along on the trip and carries most of the camping equipment and even the travelers’ bags. They set up the camp, cook meals and break camp, leaving the traveler to enjoy the trek without the physical hardship of toting heavy packs. Treks are available for people with various abilities. While a person should be in good shape for these treks, one does not need to be a tri-athlete to take part. There are more strenuous treks for those in great physical condition, as well as easier treks. Many of the easier treks are appropriate for families and allow children to participate. Some companies rate the treks they offer by level of difficulty, to help travelers judge which trek would be best for them. While trekking is one of the most popular forms of adventure travel in Nepal, it is by no means the only one. There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful and mysterious Nepal. – The Himalayas make Nepal a favorite destination for mountain climbers. There are well over 100 peaks open to mountain climbers in Nepal, including the famed Mount Everest. – The mountains of Nepal also have trails for mountain bikers of varying skills. – Nepal offers challenging climbing cliffs for avid rock climbers. – While rafting and kayaking in Nepal, adventurers can float along picturesque mountain rivers enjoying tranquil views, far from the well-traveled paths. – Finally, adventure travelers in Nepal can choose to experience a jungle safari from a jeep or the back of an elephant. Nepal’s wildlife reserves and conservation areas boast a variety of unique animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Greater One Horned Rhinoceros.

Adventure Travel On Horseback

When you think of “adventure travel,” what crosses your mind? • Hiking? • White water rafting? • Scuba diving? • Something as sedentary as a cruise ship or land rover safari? Those ideas lose their “adventure” status when you compare them to galloping on a horse in Africa with a zebra and wildebeest racing along side you, or quietly observing the elephant and giraffe. How can a traveler visit the remote parts of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places while… • Practicing a fascinating sport • Avoiding polluting • Keeping in harmony with history and nature • Being free to explore exotic locations • Making friends in remote places, and • Sharing the experience with a willing animal? Have you ever considered the tremendous advantages of adventure travel on horseback? A horse can take you to beautiful and remote places which are difficult to reach in any other way. At the same time, you can practice a challenging sport which has been a favorite of mankind for millennia. Destinations like Africa, Asia, Europe and South America offer a wonderful variety of adventure tours on horseback. Though comparatively little known to Americans, the British and particularly the French have highly developed the riding tour concept in many parts of the world. In many locations in the United States rights-of-way for horses have been lost, but many still exist in other countries. Horses and horseback riding are deeply woven into the culture and history of most cultures from Argentina to Ireland. This is how our ancestors traveled and for those with a sense of history there is no more appropriate way to go. If you arrive in a foreign place on horseback, you will most likely be enthusiastically greeted by locals with waves and smiles which greatly facilitate meaningful contacts. Those who arrive by bus, on foot or on a bicycle are usually ignored. Horses are a great introduction and ice breaker almost anywhere. If you seek a wilderness adventure, then horses are the way to go unless you want to walk and carry your equipment. Riding tours can take you from inn to inn, castle to castle, palace to palace or from one comfortable camp to another. Costs are very reasonably compared to biking or bus trips. Horseback riding adventures vary widely in the skill and experience required to handle them safely. Most of these tours move out at all paces and include some good gallops so that one can cover 15 to 35 miles in a day. Beginners need several days of instruction before attempting even an easy trip, but those who are reasonably fit, not too overweight and have open minds can catch on very quickly. A week of intensive riding with good instruction can easily prepare most people for the less demanding adventures. One of the enormous advantages of travel on horseback is that you are sharing the adventure with a willing animal who is also interested in the sights and sounds and who loves a brisk gallop on a beach or open plain as much as you do. A day in the saddle is also great exercise and riding is an excellent way to keep fit while having fun. It is far more interesting and satisfying than sitting confined in a bus or land rover all day which really isn’t adventure travel at all. Another dividend is the keen appetite you develop after a day in the saddle for the delicious food you will be served. On an African ride, a good horse can outdistance an irate Cape buffalo or elephant and keep you safe. Comfortable camps are set up for you each night, the food is excellent and the service superb. Or try a horseback tour visiting the castles of the Loire Valley and ride into the courtyards on your horse like a knight of old. You can gallop along forest tracks where the French aristocracy once chased the wild stag. There is a broad spectrum of possibilities available for horseback riding vacations. If it appeals to you to travel in harmony with nature without using polluting, noisy machines or an unresponsive bicycle, then you should look into horseback riding tours.

Adventure Travel In Africa

If we talk about Africa one thing the first word that comes in our mind is “ADVENTURE”. Africa offers the wide variety of all sorts of adventure. One who is really fond of adventures and is never been to Africa then its something in adventure he is missing. Africa is land of every adventure. It’s a land of variety in diversity. From diving, mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting all sorts of adventures are available in Africa. Most adventurous sport in Africa is “safari travel”. Let us try and explore Africa in a more dynamic way and get to know about what options does it have for adventure travel. In South Africa, Kruger National Park is one of the finest game reserves. Visitors who are interested in safari traveling are drawn towards Kalahari Gemsbok national park. It extends towards the Kalahari Desert; Kalahari gemsbok is an area of wide open vistas, rugged beauty, shifting dunes and great herd of springbok. KRUGER NATIONAL PARK: Kruger national park is one of the most interesting places in Africa and is rated as one of the world’s finest game reserves. Kruger is more a home to wild species than any other game park in the continent. Cheetahs, lions and leopard roam here freely with substantial number of elephants, rhino, zebras, giraffe in fact a wide variety of wildlife can be seen easily in this park. It is also an excellent destination of birdwatcher. It offers a scarcely believable diversity of species. Though no night activities are permitted here but it is best for wildlife safari. Nights here are like living in an artificial jungle. Abundance of land is available to enhance opportunities for safari visits. KALAHARI NATIONAL PARK: It is situated in the southern extremity of one of the greatest desert- the Kalahari. There is absence of lush green vegetation but the wildlife here is quite impressive. Wildebeest, eland, herds of gemsbok and springbok can be seen here. But Kalahari wildlife attracts another visitor- the Kalahari lion. Visitors on their safaris have to forgo their luxurious accommodation of the surrounding parks. Kalahari can be a destination of grandeur unparallel. ORANGE RIVER: Those who are fond of canoeing Orange River is the best destination for them. It originates in the Lesotho highlands. It is just right for the canoe safaris because its wide and gentle, with just enough rapid to make the heart beat faster. CAMEL SAFARI: When one hear of camels the thing that exactly stuck our mind is “desert”. And it is increasingly becoming one of the most important safaris in South Africa. South Africa provides two unique environments for camel safari. The Kalahari and the Bushmanland Kalahari is more of a duned landscape and bushmanland is a semi arid. Both the regions provide a good land in game. There is one more thing that is included in adventure of Africa is white shark cage diving, walking safaris, bungee jumping , camel trekking, mountaineering, diving ,desert safaris ,biking and much more. Safaris in Africa can be covered on the back of horse, camel, bicycle etc. “Fun never ends in the sun city” in fact adventure never ends in the Sun City. Those who are really crazy about the adventure then Africa is ALL IN ONE destination to be. Wildlife, beauty, vegetation is all seen here in abundance so to have fun Africa is a best place to be. So go and enjoy the Sun City’s adventure filled life and you can have a memorable time with your loved ones and friends and have some adventure all along.

Traveling Like The Thornberry’s, A Family Adventure Travel In Africa

In this generation, childhood will be incomplete without being caught unaware about the movie and cartoons The Wild. Hold your breath; this is not a promo ad for the movie. It is just that most of the kids now are really dreaming of sharing the same experience with the Thornberry’s. Who will not envy the Safari experience that the Thornberry kids had? However, for those moms and dads who want to grant their kids’ wish, here is a guide on how you can have a family adventure travel. Actually, it is not just an ordinary family travel but also a family adventure travel with the touch of a Safari experience!

There is no other place that could be equated to the Safari experience that Africa could offer. If you and your kids are really looking for a family travel that is worth keeping, go and start reserving for a flight in Africa now.

Topping the list of “musts” is a Safari experience on the open parks. Let your kids touch and feed those tamed animals. Let them walk along the grasslands especially of the Ngorongoro Crater where luscious plants are scattered around. Let them experience Safari adventure and discover for themselves the beauty of nature. Nairobi National Park and Karen Blixen’s are some of the places that provide experience and highlight your family adventure travel. Take note that these two parks are found in the heart of a city.

Instead of booking and reserving rooms in exclusive deluxe hotels, try to lodge in the ecolodges where ecofriendly services are provided. Most of these ecolodges are allowing camping and mounting tents. Aside from the wonderful sleeping set up, try the fresh foods that they are serving. Fruits and vegetables are freshly picked to provide the healthiest possible ways to each visitor.

Your adventure travel will not be complete if you will not travel like the Thornberry’s way! Tour your family around Africa, have Safari experience by using trailblazing land rovers. However, if your family really craves for a real family adventure travel, try camelback riding or horseback riding. If you are still unsatisfied, use hot air balloon so you will have a clear panoramic view of the land.

Asking for the perfect time for the whole vacation? Worry no more, daytime or nighttime, travel in Africa will still be as exciting as you wished because even at night, nocturnal animals are musts to spot!

To finally complete your family travel in Africa, have a book on indigenous communities. Dwell on their place. See and feel their culture.

To experience all these adventure, you can actually choose from the two ways of booking a trip – planning and setting your adventure itinerary by yourself or let an agency do all the chores.

Do not worry about the budget because family packages are available. Better book and reserved now and like the Thornberry’s, you will surely have a great family adventure travel and Safari Experience.

Luxury Adventure Travel Destinations

Every now and then anyone who is a victim of the daily grinding of the world’s nonstop work pressure, which practically means everyone, would want to let their legs up and let their hair down to go far away from the obsessive amounts of work and find themselves relaxing in a place where nothing can bother them. That, dear reader is the essence of a holiday in today’s world; However there are differences in that too, especially with people having a difference in the types of work pressure that they are engulfed in.

For instance some people may well be engrossed in activity that leaves them yearning for peace and quiet while others may well be looking for an escape from the monotony of their work. The latter cases are the ones who look for the adventure holidays which promise you a lot of thrills and excitement.

Luxury adventure holidays have been slowly yet steadily gaining a lot of popularity in the tourism sector with people looking for fun filled vacations with their families where fun would mean doing something extraordinarily out of the box. The most sought after adventure travel destinations seem to be the likes of Norway, where you would find an endless range of snow sporting adventures to choose from; Australia, the one place where you can do anything that pertains to the word adventurous despite water sports like surfing being the toast of the town; South Africa, where endless coastlines and majestic mountains and breathtaking waterfalls allow you the adventure opportunity of a lifetime.

These are just a few of the luxury destinations that can get you to lick your lips in anticipation of a great luxury travel adventure. Now the question of the moment is, how do you organize one luxury travel adventure for your family?

Whether it’s organizing a jungle safari or a simple trip outdoors with a gourmet chef attending to your every need or a nice sailing trip in the seas, every type of luxury adventure holiday at an adventure travel destination would either need an immense amount of planning if you plan to do it on your own or would require you to acquire the services of a proper travel agent.

The former can help you get exactly what you need while the latter may just put you in a package full of unasked for extras. It is here that you are required to take what looks like a decision. So what is it that you can do, to get the best of both? This is where Adventure-Travel-Destinations come in.

The fantastic tie ups that we have with luxury accommodations across the globe in adventure travel destinations will get you the best deals at the best rates. Moreover we organize trips for you and your family at all the locations you are interested in. Our tie ups with travel operators across the adventure holidays globe helps you to go easy on your pockets by getting you true value for money at all steps of the holiday ladder. For more details read on.

You Can’t Get More Exciting Than An Adventure Holiday

There is not much in the world that is more exciting than adventure travel. When you are taking part in adventure travel you are taking risk, you are getting out there and finally living life to the fullest. When was the last time that you actually did that? Probably a long time ago right? Well there is no time like the present to change things for the better and to experience all that life has to offer.

There are all kinds of great vacations that you can take when it comes to adventure travel and not all of them are filled with death defying stunts and danger. Sure, some of them are but if that is not your think then you don’t have to choose them. Everyone has a different comfort level and adventure travel just means taking a trip that is exciting, one that is a little out of your normal travel behavior. You don’t have to go and climb Mount Everest or anything like that to have a good time with adventure travel.

Some of the best adventure travel has barely any danger to it whatsoever. Have you ever climbed through the runs of Greece, or hiked in the Amazon, or even gone surfing in Costa Rica? If not these are great ways to get your feet wet with adventure travel. With this kind of adventure travel you will be able to have a great time and not do anything too, too dangerous. Just things that excite you and thrill you to the bone.

Can you imagine taking a trip to some exotic locale and then experiencing some of their ways of life. Have you ever heard of Zorbing? It is something that they do in New Zealand, and it is so much fun. All you do is climb into a giant ball, it is like a great big beach ball, just climb in it and they roll you down the hill. There is usually some water in it to cushion any bumps that you might hit along the way down. The water is not dangerous to you and your breathing because it is kept totally separate from you in a different compartment of the ball. This is one of the most fun things that you could ever do when you are gong to adventure travel and it is not even a little bit dangerous.

You see adventure travel is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter what they danger tolerance happens to be. If you are sick and tired of the same old same old then you need to find out some more about adventure travel today. Start planning your next trip abroad now, with a little more adventure in mind. It is always fun to try something new and exciting so go for it and have a blast!

Adventure Travel From Grand Canyon Rafting to Base Jumping

Some people believe a break from work should involve more than just a holiday: it should be an adventure! Which is why adventure travel is becoming so popular. It doesn’t have to mean climbing Everest, attempting K2, or crossing a desert on the back of a camel: but it can, though it can just as easily mean a guided rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, seeing the desert from the basket of a balloon, a bungee jump like James Bond (off Switzerland’s Verzasca Dam) or a road trip somewhere literally *off the beaten track*.

Trekking in Nepal or paddling the Grand Canyon are the classic adventure travel options, and for most adventure travellers involve a bit of travel to get to, but there are travel adventure options in every country — you ‘d be surprised to see the list of where all the best paragliding destinations are, and paragliding definitely qualifies as adventure travel if it’s done right. Ice climbing, cave diving, shark diving, paddling between scenic islands, trekking overland, base jumping, or even heli-biking or heli-skiing can elevate your travels to adventure travels, and these kinds of adventure travel options can be found in some very unlikely destinations.

But the classic adventure options are still the best: New Zealand, for all the cycling and paddling options, as well as the extreme sports, is one of the best places for adventure travel, and Chile and Patagonia are popular for the same kinds of adventure travel attractions. Canada has the winter-y wilderness, and offers adventure travellers the chance to get back to nature and meet some exotic animals, while Borneo and the Galapagos, offer adventure travellers both untouched wilderness, unique animals and sunshine. Just in case you prefer your adventure travels without the adventurous weather.

Not all of us get the chance to have a real travel adventure. However, ‘adventure holidays’ are becoming ever more popular, and accessible, and not just among the young. As baby boomers mature they find they are fitter, and generally richer, than their parents were – so your 50s and 60s is a great time to take that travel adventure you never had time or money to do. Lots of adventure travel is within the realms of possibility for most people — you don’t have to be an elite athlete to cross the Sahara with a camel train, just relatively healthy and the owner of an adventurous spirit. Some adventure travel tour operators even run adventure tour options for younger explorers, and there are some gentle routes along even some of the most exciting of white water rivers, and child size mountains still worth conquering. And while once people thought of some adventure travel options as being the adventure of a life time, now a lifetime can have many travelling adventures.

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Adventure Travel Inspiration and How to Find It

All travellers know the feeling, “I want to travel, I want to experience new things and I want to do something completely different to what I am doing now.” The corresponding feeling is usually along the lines of, “But what? Where? And how?”

This is actually made harder with the vast selection of trips currently available, especially to adventure travellers. Below are three ways to make inspiration a little easier for those of you reading with travel on your mind.

Travel Reviews

One of the best ways to find adventure travel inspiration is by reading about other peoples’ experiences. This is easily done by looking at travel reviews. These travel reviews provide an insight, not only into the service and value of adventure travel providers, but also the experiences that people have had. Adventurers are drawn to places of interest, especially ones that not many have been. Never underestimate an adventure traveller’s need for that feeling of exploration.

Travel reviews also provide inspiration through density. For example, the crowds may congregate in Kenya for a Safari or in Peru to hike Machu Picchu, both areas would then receive a high number of reviews. With this knowledge, an adventure traveller can easily pick his or her ideal experience, based on how crowded they want their trip to be.

Adventure News

Read adventure news and updates. One of the most useful sources of inspiration comes from adventure travel industry news. Details of current adventure vacation offers, new destinations available and new activities to try will really get your imagination going. It’s also helpful when you’re on a tight budget – discovering new adventures on your doorstep is the latest travel trend.

How do you find the best deals in the market? Just keep a watchful eye on the best adventure news. Finding fresh adventures is one of the fundamental reasons that the adventure travel market continues to grow (even in spite of economic/political challenges). Travellers are always on the lookout for the next destination or activity and one of the most fruitful sources for inspiration is blogs from explorers and adventures on the cutting edge. New routes through jungles, new epic cycle journeys or a new way to use a helicopter to launch your adventure, these blogs have the answers.

Adventure Travel Market Overview

Finally, finding inspiration can be a simple as looking at the adventure travel market as a whole – what can I do and where?

This might be browsing through an atlas and pointing at the topographic point of interest or looking at a list of adventures on a provider’s site. An easier option still is to utilize some of the powerful adventure travel search sites out there. Simply click on an activity or country and see where or what you can do.

So, if you need adventure travel inspiration remember these three points:

1. Read travel reviews
2. Keep an eye on adventure news and
3. Look out for global adventure travel search sites.

Good luck in discovering your next adventure.

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